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 Yang,Yong M.D., Ph.D.Title: Consultant of Hand Surgery Dept., Beijing Jishuitan HospitalAssoci

Yanxia Bai

Yanxia Bai, M.D.MermbershipMember, Chinese Society of Hematology, CMAMember, Chinese Anti-Cancer Ass

Yibing Su

Name : Yibing SuTitles: Professor, Chief PhysicianPosition: Chief Surgeon of the Department of Neuro

Yuhua Guo

Profession title: Chief physicianDepartment: PediatricsSpecial interests: endocrine diseases such as

Yanhong Huang

Yanhong Huang is a Chief Physician of Department ofRheumatology. in Beijing Jishuitan Hospital.In 1

Qijing Yang

Title: deputy chief physicianDepartment: HPOSpecialty: glomerular disease, urinary infection, chroni

LIU Ying

Position: Chief technicistDepartment: Laboratory medicineAcademic interesting: Clinical microbiology

Youle Zhang

Title: chief physician, ProfessorDivision: Department of hand surgeryExpertise: Extremity functional

Ma Yuqi

Positional Title: Chief DoctorExpertise: the diseases of Digestive System, Respiratory System, Diabe

Yao Yuqiang

Clinical Medicine. 2015, 35(8): 1106-1109Yao Y, Su Y, Qiao J, et al. The role of elastic bondage i