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 Yang,Yong M.D., Ph.D.Title: Consultant of Hand Surgery Dept., Beijing Jishuitan HospitalAssoci

Baohai Xu

Title: Director of pharmacistsSpecialty: Identification of Chinese medicinal materials, Rational use

Xiong Dachang

Expert : Xiong DachangExpertise: Acupuncture in the treatment of various pain diseases, cervical sp

Zhao Xia

Technical title: associate chief dietitianDepartment: Nutrition departmentSpecialty: Medical nutriti

Liang He

Title: Chief PhysicianDepartment: Orthropidic Traumatology, Osteoporosis ClinicSpecialty: senile fra


Professor Wang graduated from the First Military Medical University, Chief physician of Thoracic De

Zhao Jingming

Dr Zhao Jingming, chief physician, associate professor of surgery of Peking University Health Scien

Yanxia Bai

Yanxia Bai, M.D.MermbershipMember, Chinese Society of Hematology, CMAMember, Chinese Anti-Cancer Ass

Zhang Ping

Title: Chief PhysicianDepartment: Cadre Health CareExpertise: senile disease, elderly cardiovascular

Hua Feng

Director of the sports medicine departmentchief physicianEnglish publications(First author)1. Feng H