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Baohai Xu

Title: Director of pharmacistsSpecialty: Identification of Chinese medicinal materials, Rational use

Yanxia Bai

Yanxia Bai, M.D.MermbershipMember, Chinese Society of Hematology, CMAMember, Chinese Anti-Cancer Ass

Zhao Bin

Title: Chief PhysicianDepartment: emergency departmentExpertise: treatment of critical illness, resp

Liu Bo

Chief physician of the Spinal Surgery Department of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital; adjunct associate p

Ying Bai

Associate Professor of ICUExpertise: treatment of multiple severe trauma, shock, severe infection,

Dr. Bo Jin (Kim)

Attending DoctorSpecialist in NeurosurgeryDr. Jin specializes in the treatment of spinal and cranial

Doctor bin Zhang

Associate chief physician in respiratory medicine department and Respiratory Intensive Care UnitDoc

Bai Nan

Dr. Bai nan, chief physician of department of general surgeryExpertise: thyroid, breast, parathyroid

Yanxian Bai

Title: Chief PhysicianDepartment: HematologySpecialty: Multiple myeloma, lymphoma, leukemia and othe

Bi Jingtao

Dr Bi Jingtao, associate chief physician of department of general surgery, member of Beijing Branch